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Spa & Bath Crystals

Our Spazazz Aromatherapy is specifically formulated for the hot tub as well as the bath. They will not change the pH of your water and they are not soap based products so they will not create suds or foaming.

Colorful and fragrant Spazazz Aromatherapy Crystals set the mood, arouse emotion & relax your state of mind in the comfort of your own home spa or bath.  Whether it's romance, self-assurance or peace of mind - the emotional benefits of aromatherapy are very desirable. Add a few capfuls and the aroma will last a spa experience while the benefits last even longer.

    Therapeutic benefits  

~ A natural remedy for aches & pains

~ Anti-inflammatory

~ Muscle relaxants for tension & stress

~ Enhancement of innate self-healing capabilities

Original Crystal Fragrances:

Escape Crystal Fragrances:

Honey Mango ~ Arouses Physical Senses Verbena Lime Coconut ~ Harmony
Eucalyptus Mint ~ Stimulates Concentration Kiwi Pear ~ Euphoric
Warm French Vanilla ~ Calms & Relaxes Lavendar Palmarosa ~ Relaxing
Pina Colada ~ Sensuous Grapefruit Orange ~ Enlivining
Sweet Pea Apple ~ Renewal White Musk Vanilla Jasmine ~ Serenity
Tropical Rain ~ Tranquility Green Tea Peony ~ Soothing

Now Available in...



~Panda Pear ~ Alligator Apple ~
~ Koala Koconut
~ Monkey Mango ~



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